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Internal Family Systems (IFS) 

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a powerful modality that helps us get to know our different parts, heal past wounds and live from Self. Our true essence, Self is always compassionate, curious, calm and connected—and knows exactly what we need to heal.

IFS in a nutshell


We are all made of different parts: parts that want to be healthy, parts that overeat, inner critics and more. All parts are inherently good, but some are forced to take on extreme roles due to painful life experiences. Many of these wounds happened in childhood when we lacked the inner or outer resources necessary to fully process what happened to us. Our system had no choice but to lock the pain away. Protector parts then came in to protect us from feeling that unhealed pain. These parts can cause unpleasant symptoms—from anxiety to addiction, eating disorders and even physical health problems. 

What happens during a session?

In an IFS session, we gently explore our parts and learn how they are trying to help us. When the protector parts feel heard and appreciated, they can relax and give us permission to heal the wound underneath. After the wound is healed, protector parts don't have to work so hard to keep the pain away. Therefore, we don't get triggered as easily and symptoms can abate. Note: We don't rush past protectors—the process is safe and respectful to all parts. 

What's next?

If you are interested in trying IFS, I invite you to reach out to schedule a session. A 60-minute individual session is $85 with a sliding scale available for people who need it. We also have group offerings available here

  • Want to hear a full IFS session with ME as the client? Check out this episode on the Going Inside Project

  • Want to try a free IFS meditation? Visit my YouTube channel.


My session with Manya was a profound exploration of the parts involved in my food habits. I experienced those parts and got helpful insights into what underlies those patterns for me. This has given me a direction for the next stage of my inner work and healing. Manya held a safe space for me to explore and communicate with parts of myself that I have in the past pushed down or ignored. She was very sensitive to the need to go at an appropriate pace for me both from a physical and an emotional perspective. I wholeheartedly recommend IFS with Manya for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better.

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