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Purple Flower

IFS Groups

Build confidence in connecting to your inner world alongside a compassionate community. IFS Groups provides a safe container to gently explore your parts together with like-minded travelers. The sessions include IFS meditations, check-ins, 1-1 IFS demos and more—all surrounded by powerful group energy. Check out our offerings below, and feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.

All parts are welcome!

Current Offerings

IFS Groups for IFS Professionals

Immerse yourself in a field of Self while developing your professional skillset.

6 x 80 minute sessions. Only $30 per session!

The sessions will include IFS meditations, check-ins, therapist parts work, case consultation and Q&A based on the group’s preference.

Limited to 4 people per group. Reach out for available dates and times!

Past Offerings

IFS Groups: Food and Body

Led by Manya Ronay and Celia Clark 

5 x 90 minute sessions

Sundays 11 AM Eastern Time

Jan. 14, 21, 28, Feb. 11 & 18. 


IFS in a small group setting has been, in a word, liberating for me. First of all, I recognized that various manifestations of what I considered to be my personality - controlling, anxious, judgmental, and directive - were my various parts simply trying to keep me safe and happy in response to experiences Little Kelly went through. Learning how to listen to these parts and reassure them that I am older and better equipped to cope allowed my true Self to emerge. Doing this alone would have been powerful, but doing it in a group allowed me to face past trauma without shame, and I also learned from others in the group about different parts and how they could show up. I am sure that the compassion and respect within the group fostered healing. Manya was a gentle, wise facilitator who created this space for exploration and healing.

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